Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chronicle #3: 3 going on 3

So I must be crazy not to have documented the fabulous day of September 29th 2009.  Eastons 3rd BIRTHDAY! What a fun filled day full of simple and sugary things. For about three weeks I have asked him what he wants for his birthday and every time comes the same reply.....candy and cake.  No toys---just candy and cake and drinks.  He loves his "MILKY-BABA" plain old cows milk, but ALAS I have convinced him to say "MEE-ELK instead of "MOOK."  We are learning new things everyday and it cause such great joy on his scrunched up animated face.  Soafter a quick FACEBOOK post of how I wish every day was Eastons birthday I decided to write a little more in depth about our cavity inducing day!  We left the house early only to return his new running shoes because my generous size 9's were yet too small for my strapping lad!  Really all of our boys are not big but have round charlie brown heads that make them look tougher and more upscale of 75% percentile in stature.  So with size 10's in tow, we proceeded to have Jelly Bellys, butterfingers, root beer, Goldfish crackers and a minor stop off at Kiddie Kandids.  Steely- bop had just pooped his pants, Easton was smeared with blueberry jelly bellys and still, aHUNGRY new photographer begged and bargained with a free 5x7 to PLEASE photograph my two youngest boys.  Who in their right mind would offer this to a mother carrying a three year old and one year old with goldfish oozing out their mouths.  But, the sucker I am, and the thought of how darling it would be to capture this 3 year old wonder I said yes.  Only 1 hour later, a spiking sugar high, stinky pants and two very uncooperative toddlers it was ACCOMPLISHED.  I will have to try and post some pics if I ever figure out how!  With no real food since the night before, we skipped over to the local McD's ate nasty food and entertained ourselves silly on the playland---while enjoying the last perfect day of "FUMMER"  (Fall+ Summer).  I just love this boy, he asked for everything all day long and I just took on the grandparent role and gave him anything he wanted ---from homemade pizzas to orange cake to Pez to a 24 pk of gatorade to chocolate milk and so on!  He was perfect and stayed dry all day long.  Ooops I forgot ---he pooped his pants for the 2nd time only since potty training him on the McDonald's slide!!!!Just a little on the gross side.  The day ended well with lots of random hugs, kisses, Finding Nemo and ORANGE cake I never knew I had a recipe for.  All he wanted was an orange cake.  I think what he really wanted was his own bowl of orange frosting to devour himself.  Sorry buddy-you only got coolwhip mixed with pineapple and orange sprinkles. With a long bedtime snuggle, treasure hunt back scratches, leg rides and mmmmm kisses he drifted off into sleepland  ---forgetting later that I forgot to brush his teeth $$$$$.


Kerrianne Lehnhof Burch said...

SO funny. Where's your blog?

The Wayments said...

good thing you know a dentist!!! Yikes...and so fun...I would do the same thing! I love I don't have to be your memory! Love you guys!