Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chronicle #2 Chanting Toddler XGamer

A day in the life of Choo Choo is a very exciting and humorous one. I will at some point go back and add in chronicles that are not in order, but  are favorite stories that have left some chanting for CHOO CHOO's hilarity.  Be forewarned, he comes with a DISCLAIMER, and although I am indefinitely being judged on my parenting skills with this fourth child, my goal is to relax and enjoy his antics instead of putting him in a straightjacket.  Alas, I  am very sure that whatever he does will create a smile, a belly laugh  or a  grimace (bad) from the spectator or reader.  So, HE has been a very good boy as of late, and because school has started up again I find a little more time to think about writing rather than just surviving and putting out fires!  So today....the funny, vocal, XGamer happened.  We, as in the only ones left at home, sent Ave the Babe on the dear little Kindergarten school bus and retreated to the sopping wet GRASS to enjoy a little scooter entertainment from none other than, ChooChoo.  He yelled exctitedly for the baby----Steely Bop, to clap for him while he attempted to fly around my mom-mobile ready to do a trick.  I don't know if I am the only mother who gasps in fear when this happens, not out of fear for his life, but fear that I just may get the tenth handlebar AUTOGRAPH carved into my once respectable vehicle---OH WELL. So, once the momentum was gained, his daring new trick involved one foot on the scooter deck and the other arched backwards and upwards in arabesque fashion. Simultaneously - he tilted back his head reminiscent of Dancing with the Stars and repeatedly chanted HALLELUJAH......HALLELUJAH....... How does a two year old boy know the word Hallelujah? 
Think about that one!

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