Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chronicle #1 Able Artist

I just knew I needed to write down the daily happenings caused by one very loved and very precocious 2 year old---Easton Jay Wayment. I have been threatening for months to become a blogger out of necessity to record the horrors and joys each new day brings. Today after a lovely morning of getting Blake up and out the door to swim team which he dreads, I smelled that ever so fragrant scent wafting slowly down the stairs. To my utter and total dismay the artist has painted again! No not with puffy paint, stamp pads, or sharpie but dark brown stinky poo! A lovely Picasso compliments of Choo Choo Poopy. All over the carpet on the walls all over the bed and feet and hands AGHHHHH! This being the 20th time of cleaning up these types of messes I resorted to treating him like your average household dog. No more timeouts, spankings, cleaning....he got the good old forehead in his dookie! Then the tub because I think I may get turned into Child Protective Services! Did I really just smear poo in my child's face-----desperation. It is now 11:00 pm and I have yet to clean up the room, not sure how to at this point. I may be calling Summit Restoration and add a homeowners claim to my policy for destruction of property! So to all you dear family and friends who call frequently to see how my little darling disaster is spicing up my life, this blog is for you! Full of patience and humor, I will write because I am, by george going to record the spice that each choochoo poopy event brings.

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